Howdy Friends

We're Jennings + Tim

Adventurers, artists, and coffee lovers.

What is ING

ING is capturing the moment. Just like when you add -ing to a word, our work brings life and action to your memories.

Looking back at your images pulls you right back into the moment: tears rolling down your face, laughing until your stomach hurts, or dancing like nobody’s watching.

our process

Your images should feel like you, and the best way for us to capture what’s authentically you is by being your friends.

Even before you book, getting to know you is our top priority. The first thing we will do is meet for coffee (in person or on the phone) to hear your love story. Then as we plan your dream wedding day we will know all about your vibes and priorities to give you personalized guides, tips, and tricks!

We will handle all the details so that you two can focus on having the best day of your life.

meet the team




I am an oil paint artist who fell absolutely in love with telling stories through photography and videography. At my core, I’m an adventurer. I love getting lost in amazing cities, exploring the outdoors, meeting new people and hearing their stories. In our small Alabama town you will likely find me covered in paint, drinking coffee, and living life as a devoted cat mom. Fun fact: ING originally was my pseudonym for signing paintings and other artworks. JennINGs. Get it?



I’m a web developer with an agriculture degree who also is a photographer + videographer. I do a lot of different, seemingly unrelated, things and enjoy coming up with creative ways for them all to work together. I like hikes through the woods, late nights in new cities, and good Mexican food. You’ll either find me drinking black coffee or red wine while trying to make jokes that aren’t that funny.


It’s a huge privilege to get to access such amazing public lands (National Parks, State Parks, National Forests, Wilderness Areas, BLM lands, + more) as a backdrop for committing your lives to each other and celebrate your engagement! With that, comes the responsibility for all of us to keep that venue looking amazing. This is why ING practices Leave No Trace ethics.

We have taken the steps to become official


WHAT IS LEAVE NO TRACE? Simply put, it’s a set of ethics & minimum impact practices we should follow in order to enjoy AND protect the outdoors at the same time. 

This badge means we passed the Leave No Trace Awareness Assessment after taking the How To Leave No Trace Course for Wedding + Elopement Photographers.

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